Tower to the People: New Tesla Documentary Film Premiere in Toronto


• New documentary explores the past, present and future of Tesla’s intriguing “Wardenclyffe” laboratory
• November 30th Premiere in Toronto will feature Q&A with American Director Joseph Sikorski

Nearly a century ago, Nikola Tesla dreamed of sending free wireless energy from a mysterious tower and lab on Long Island called Wardenclyffe. Deteriorating for decades, the remains of his great work were almost lost forever.
Until that is, a grateful world united to save it.


“TOWER TO THE PEOPLE- Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues”, a new documentary by award-winning indie-director Joseph Sikorski, will arrive in Canada on November 30th with a special screening at Toronto’s historic Regent Theatre on Mt. Pleasant Road. The Toronto show will be the only Canadian screening of the work before a 10-city European tour begins next year, and will be attended by American director Joseph Sikorski, who will participate in an audience Q&A session.


Tickets are available through Eventbrite.


The standing-room-only NYC premiere of “TOWER TO THE PEOPLE” in October made news worldwide, and was attended by distinguished guests like director Jim Jarmusch, artist Robert Wilson, as well as the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia. A follow-up screening in November hosted by the prestigious Hudson Union Society sold out weeks before the event.

"TOWER TO THE PEOPLE” is the culmination of over 14 years of research into Nikola Tesla’s work conducted by filmmaker/co-author Joseph Sikorski and co/author Michael Calomino. The two-hour documentary details the struggle of the visionary scientist who dreamed of connecting the world while providing wireless energy to even the most remote places on the globe from his Wardenclyffe lab. Though Tesla was forced to abandon his dream there, almost a century later a new generation picked up the torch, hoping to rescue the historic property from decay, and preserve it forever. The tragic narrative of Tesla’ s humanitarian endeavor becomes inspirational through the stories of various groups of dedicated people, who by using technology Tesla himself helped develop, ultimately saved this historic symbol from extinction. From a local non-profit organization, to a popular web-comic known as 'the Oatmeal', to the generosity of people throughout the world, "TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla's Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues" documents how the world united to correct a great historical injustice, and help vindicate a nearly forgotten inventor’s long, hard struggle. 
Featuring interviews with celebrity magician Penn Jillette, the Oatmeal's Matthew Inman, Tesla relative William Terbo, Peabody Award-Winner Jack Hitt and many other distinguished guests, “TOWER TO THE PEOPLE” shows the mysterious past, uplifting present, and exciting future of Nikola Tesla's last remaining lab on the planet. The film’s soundtrack features the music of Serbian-born Emmy-nominated Pianist/Composer Marina Arsenijevic.

“TOWER TO THE PEOPLE”, through support by the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade and The Wardenclyffe Project, not only includes iconic Tesla imagery, beautifully restored and in a resolution never seen before, but also shows rare photographs never viewed beyond the elite collection of the Belgrade archives.

Viewers will also experience simple demonstrations of wireless energy and transmission concepts which help to illustrate the scientific principles Tesla intended to use in easy-to-understand language. 

Perhaps most intriguing though is the first on-site investigation into the legendary Wardenclyffe tunnels allegedly built by the enigmatic inventor as part of his wireless power transmission method. The existence of these mysterious subterranean passages, dismissed by many as urban myth, are explored through the use of cutting edge ground-penetrating radar. The exciting results of this investigation are revealed for the first time in this exciting new documentary.

The one-night-only event hosted by the Toronto-based publication “TESLA Magazine” begins at 6:30pm at the Regent Theatre, Toronto, 551 Mount Pleasant Road on November 30th, 2014.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite. 



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The Tesla Banquet

What: Tesla Banquet, is a part of Teslamania, a four-day event to be held from July 10th - 13th, 2014 in Toronto, Oakville and Niagara Falls.

Food from Lika, Tesla's birthplace will be part of the menuFood: The Tesla Banquet, is based on the Dinner Menu served in Tesla's Honour in a Chicago hotel in 1893, enriched with additional dishes from Lika, Tesla's homeland

Where: Spirale Banquet and Conference Centre, 888 Don Mills Road,

Host: The Tesla Magazine

When: Saturday. July 12th 2014, @ 7:30 pm

Price: $75 per person

Tesla Banquet is charity event. All proceeds will be donated towards building a Nikola Tesla monument of in Toronto.

Toronto was the first big city after Hamilton to receive electrical power from the Tesla designed Niagara Falls Westinghouse Electric Power Station.


Tesla Mania Poster


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in the terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

This popular statement from Tesla sets the stage of this years TeslaMania event.  

With that concept in mind, we have put together a wide variety of memorable events for you to attend and  learn more about how Tesla used energy, frequency and vibration in his inventions.  

Tesla was a great showman that would dazzle his audience with wondrous demonstrations and true to this fashion, we have gathered together a great lineup of speakers, vendors and support staff to create a truly interactive multimedia experience.Our theme for the opening night at the Ontario Science Centre is “The Return of Tesla Medicine.”

While most people know the name Tesla either as an award winning electric car or as the inventor of (AC) alternating current electricity, few people realize that he is also the father of “Energy Medicine.” Although Nikola Tesla was exposed to extremely harmful electricity and magnetic fields during his lifetime of research, he still lived to a ripe old age of 86 - far longer than the average age of 65 in 1943, the year of his passing. In additional to a healthy lifestyle, Tesla had found a way to neutralize the disease, bacteria and harmful EMF radiation by inventing electromagnetic healing machines.

They were suppressed in North America, redeveloped in the former Soviet Union are now being legally licensed by the FDA and Health Canada.

On Thursday July 10th, (Tesla’s birthday) for one night only, The Ontario Science Centre hosts the Tesla Science Expo featuring the interactive documentary “The Healing Field” directed by Robert W Connolly, with live on stage “Tesla Talk” presentations from EMF experts Dr. Magda Havas PhD, Dr. William Pawluk MD. and several other health professionals. Attendees will learn about the history of Tesla’s electromagnetic healing inventions and then experience the latest Tesla medical “Star Trek” technology.

On Friday July 11, we will feature birthday party celebrations and Tesla dinners that you can attend to meet and mingle with other TeslaManiacs.

On Saturday July 12, The Tesla Art Exhibition is on display at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville Ontario. It features historical photos, antique electrotherapy devices, a Tesla inspired flea market and much more.

On Sunday July 13, The Tesla Commemorative Rally at Niagara Falls is the final destination for our TeslaManiacs. We honour the achievements of Nikola Tesla by gathering at the statues of Nikola Tesla that have been erected close to the falls. Come and show your support for this great inventor and commune with others fans that share your appreciation of this realtively unknown genius.


Jack Dimich in Off-Broadway Show: Nikola Tesla, Now Playing in Toronto


NIKOLA TESLA written by Jack Dimich is a story about life and work of one of the greatest scientists world ever had.

He was a major contributor of the electrical revolution that transformed daily life at the turn of the 20th century.

His inventions, patents and theoretical work were the basis of modern Alternating Current Electricity. Main focus in this play is Tesla's work and his working relationship with Thomas Edison, their differences, rivalry and, of course, War Of The Currents.

Based on Tesla's interviews and biographical facts from his life author is telling a story from his point of view where Nikola Tesla, portrayed by Jack Dimich is talking about his life and work.

He talks about his childhood, inventions and  how world misunderstood him.

Then author  gives the opportunity to Thomas Edison, portrayed by Daniel Muller to tell his story about his work and relationship with Nikola Tesla.

Besides that, there are three scenes in the play where two scientists interact with each other.

This play answers many questions about Nikola Tesla and those who thwarted him.

Length of the play is one hour and twenty minutes without intermission. Nikola Tesla is produced by Tesla Magazine and Nenad Stankovic.

Jack Dimich


Jack Dimich is American character actor, native of former Yugoslavia.

He graduated full time program at The Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, 1997-2001 under the supervision of Michael Margotta, Irma Sandrey, Dan Grimaldi and Robert Castle. After that he was coached at The Actors Gym in Los Angeles by Academy Award Winner Bobby Moresco.

Fluent in Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Macedonian and English he portrayed characters in four different languages and five dialects in English Language.

He has 36 roles in feature films and on Television ( Dimich) world wide, including guest staring roles in: CSI, Castle, Law&Order: SVU, Lilyhammer, Undercovers, Chuck, Burn Notice, Sleeper Cell and Hawaii-Five O.

His first studio film 'Behaving Badly' directed by Tim Garrick (Warner Brothers) co-staring with Elizabeth Shue and Selena Gomez will premiere November 2013.

Jack Dimich had leading roles in Off Broadway productions of: TESLA by Sheri Graubert, IVANOV by A.P.Chekhov, THE ROOM by Harold Pinter, EMIGRANTS by Slawomir Mrozek and Rats by Israel Horowitz.

His first leading role was in IN THE NAME OF THE SON, a short feature produced by American Film Institute (AFI)
that won 25 international film festivals and qualified for Academy Award 2009 in a short feature category.

Jack Dimich resides in New York. |

Daniel Muller


Daniel Muller Although born and raised in the United States, Daniel considers himself a citizen of the world, having lived, worked and traveled around the globe.

A character actor specializing in period pieces and dialects, he speaks fluent German and French, and possesses a strong working knowledge of several others.

In addition to nearly 25 years of training and experience in acting, Daniel also has a broad and varied academic background, with a B.A. from Rutgers University in History and an M.A. from McGill University in Politics.

He currently lives in Hollywood, where he's also active in producing and writing.