TESLA MAGAZINE Premiere Issue: Contents

We are happy to announce a new North American publication: The TESLA MAGAZINE.

The first issue is dedicated to Wardenclyffe, covering Tesla's ideas about wireless transfer of energy.

Some of the most prominent Tesla scholars, including Professor Bernard Carlsson, (University of West Virginia), Mr. Marc Seifer, the author of a book titled Tesla the Wizard, as well as Gary Peterson, Dr. Thomas Valone and various others are contributors to this issue.

Tesla Magazine includes news from around the world, with a wealth of information about activities of various organizations and individuals researching Tesla's life, work and heritage.

The first issue was launched on July 10, 2013, which coincides with Tesla's birthday. The official launch was in Philadelphia, during the Tesla Days July 6 - 10, of this year. It crated quite a stir at the opening of "Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity" Exhibition held in New York City at Hall of Science, Queens.


Production of the magazine was realized with generous help from the Tesla Scientific Foundation http://teslasciencefoundation.org/index.php/en/, based in Philadelphia. The foundation has organized a number of "Tesla Days" in Philadelphia, and thanks to their activities, Philadelphia is the only city in North America which has established a city holiday marking Tesla's birthday.

The magazine is published by Mr. Nenad Stankovich, who is also the Editor in Chief.

Future issues will cover Tesla's original autobiography, titled "My Inventions", as well as his other less known works. Tesla Magazine is looking at covering topics which are looking into the future, and one of the coming issues will cover the "Free" or Future Energy" topic which is the focus of the coming conference in Colorado http://globalbem.com/program-2013/. This is a theme which has created significant buzz in the scientific circles as well as, on the internet lately. We would like to shine more light on this topic , as there is relatively little information on this topic, available currently.

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